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My favorite flashlights are back with a digital Q a promo too!

💥💥💥  An awesome savings on my favorite lights from GearLight. They are bright AF and I mean bright. 🤩🤩 You get a two pack and you can see how just ONE lights up my driveway. It’s pitch black with the exception of the little solar lights. To be fair, I’m a lunatic when it comes to flashlights. After being caught walking home from NYC to Queens during the Black Out of 2003 with just the lights of oncoming cars to guide me, I was NEVER without one again. Even the kids have one in their backpacks because you just never know when you’ll need them. These lights are fantastic during emergencies and I take one with me when I take the garbage out. It’s great if you’re walking the dog or find yourself outside in the dark for a chore that can’t wait. If you’re outside when it’s dark, I don’t care what you’re doing, grab a light… for your own safety. 😘 Clip the Q-pon and enter GEARLIGHT21 to save at checkout. xo, Donna
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